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In today’s energy and mining operations, despite the remote locations, harsh environment, and desolate landscapes a high-performance communications network that can scale with emerging applications has become a critical requirement. Mining companies for example, are moving toward Integrated Remote Operations Centers (IROC), which allow real-time control and management of everything from large-scale re-claimers, to un-manned trucks and transport trains. All of that automation makes high-speed satellite communications critical to both productivity and the health and safety of the crew. And in Oil and Gas companies, With a comprehensive strategy to keep headquarters connected to exploration, production and drilling operations, oil & gas companies can ensure operational integrity, protect personnel and property, and provide seamless coverage to sites across the globe. With complete end-to-end satellite communications solutions tailored to the unique requirements of the industry of Mining, Oilfield exploration & production industry. Our solutions are ideally suited to a wide variety of remote mining operations during all phases of the mineral development cycle, and offshore operating facilities for Oilfield exploration and production:

  • Drill Ships
  • Semi-submersibles
  • Jack-up Rigs
  • Production Platforms
  • Floating Production & Storage
  • Geo Science
  • Exploration
  • Development
  • Production